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About The Foss Company


Workers stand on a Foss Foam surfboard blank.In the early sixties, an innovative man named Chuck Foss developed several polyurethane foam systems useful for a variety of purposes, including the production of surfboards. His new firm, The Foss Company, soon became one of the top U.S. suppliers of foam surfboard blanks, which he sold under the name of "Foss Foam."

Foss Foam sailboat rudders during the 1960s. Later in the sixties, one of his Foss Foam systems used to make surfboard skags was found to be a excellent material for making sailboat rudders. It was not long before The Foss Company was supplying rudders to most of the boat builders in Southern California. In addition to sailboat rudders, the company used a very light foam system to fill dock pontoons, barges, buoys and most anything else that needed to float.

The Foss Company's former headquarters.During the eighties and nineties, the company specialized in fiberglass and foam composites. High performance sailboards and paddleboards were some of the products produced. With an extensive inventory of rudder molds, the company now specializes in supplying sailboat owners and boat repair yards with replacement rudders.

In recent years, The Foss Company has formed a strategic partnership with FinCo Fabrication, a major fiberglass manufacturing firm based in Santa Ana, California. This partnership will assure that The Foss Company's long tradition of quality products and service will continue for years to come.

For more information about our line of Foss Foam replacement rudders, please call (949) 646-0244 or contact us at our offices in Newport Beach, California.


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