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The Foss Rudder Manufacturing Process


Rudder mold with a tapered stainless steel shaft in position for the foaming process.

The construction of our rudders has changed considerably through the years in order to improve strength, durability, and reliance. The closed cell foam core of the rudder has remained the same. But the selective addition of unidirectional fibers has increased the strength of our rudders, and the use of Vinylester™ resins has eliminated blisters and the need for expensive barrier coats. All of our Foss Foam rudders come sanded and ready for bottom paint, and they can be shipped anywhere in the world.

If necessary, we have the capability to use a special "vacuum bag" production process to create especially strong rudders. We can also use core materials of various densities, or use carbon fiber in order to construct high performance parts and components. Here is a closer look at how we manufacture our most popular line of rudders:

Rudder Construction Process

1. Our employees begin the manufacturing process by sanding, polishing and waxing the rudder mold.

2. After applying Gelcoat to the mold, they apply a layer of unidirectional fiberglass saturated with Vinylester™ resin.

3. Once the fiberglass has cured, they place a tapered stainless steel shaft into the mold. Then they pour liquid foam into the mold and clamp both halves together.

4. When the foam has cured, our employees open the mold and remove the rudder in preparation for final finishing.

5. Next, they sand the parting line seams of the rudder, then apply fiberglass and Gelcoat to the seams as well.

6. Finally, they sand the entire rudder and prepare it for the client's future coat of bottom paint.

7. When the rudder is finished, our employees carefully pack it in a crate suitable for shipping anywhere in the world.

For more information about our line of Foss Foam replacement rudders, please call (949) 646-0244 or contact us at our offices in Newport Beach, California.

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